Customer Rating or Morning Star?

Whether it’s an industry standard based on risk/return and/or customer generated rating on ease of use or overall experience, a rating system could be a great tool for helping customers choose between products or services. Also a customer rating is a great metric for partners to get feedback which allows for future product improvements.

Any thoughts?

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This idea has come up a few times and its always been agreed that its a good idea.

My thoughts on the subject:

APY is not the same in legacy markets as it is in defi. APY typically refelects the ‘risk’ of the investment, whereas in defi APY does not have the same relationship to APY/RISK.

The problem becomes, for ‘rating agencies’ to rate on such products who do you go to? Messari?


I’d guess it might be worthy of a stand alone company, potentially beyond even messari’s scope.

In addition to apples to apples historical returns per day, institutional investors will also probably want to understand their exposure per underlying contract so they can diversify, hedge, insure. If you’re in 4 vaults that are all deposited into the same exchange at the end of a daisy chain, you’re not really diversified, etc.

It might be a decent way for someone here to build an affiliate marketing business without requiring a ton of technical ability?

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