Could you contribute to Yearn?

We’ve got 85 open issues waiting for contributors, so if you’re looking for work - or know someone who is - keep reading as i’ll pick out some key needs.

  • We would like translations in lots of languages for our documentations, and communications (for example, ‘what is Yearn’ for our twitter)
  • Technical wizardry to develop our site. The typical person would
    be a general UI developer, who is familiar with web3 interactions. The site is developed in javascript using React framework and ethers.js
  • Maintaining our vaults. You’d have smart contract experience with Solidity. Knowledge of DeFi, financials as well as Python would be key here too.

More complex tasks for a DevOps engineer and software engineer included too, see the 85 open issues to know if any take your fancy

For traditional, easier to read job specs, have a look at our 6 job postings last week

Whats stopping you from getting involved?


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