yWBTC vault question

It sounds like a yWBTC vault is happening in the near future. I assume this means it will auto search + invest into the best yield optimizing strategy for BTC holdings.

In my opinion this kind of makes the ycurve.sbtc vault obsolete b/c it will either be the same as yWBTC if its yielding highest or just inefficient if not yielding the highest for BTC holdings.

So, my question is: will/can all of the ycurve.sbtc vault holdings just be auto ported over to the new yWBTC vault for all users to save on gas fees when new vault is created? :slight_smile:

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I doubt this will be done automatically, as sBTC exposes users to three different versions of tokenized BTC on Curve, whereas the wBTC vault sounds like it will put wBTC wherever it can best earn yield.

Perhaps the best option would be a way for users to signal if they would like their crvBTC holdings transferred in one mass move? Definitely not all will want to move.