Is there a reason for not having renBTC based vault?

With the sBTC vault APY falling drastically lately, I started looking for alternatives.
Looks like renBTC has higher APY most of the days.
Is there a reason for it not being included as a vault that uses strategy involving it?

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There are already proposals with significant discussion around this idea, including this one: Proposal: RenBTC-WBTC Curve Vault. I know there are a lot of topics on the message boards, but before you post something like this it would be great to search first or even go ask in the Discord.

The current most popular idea appears to be creating a crvBTC vault that can swap between any of the Curve BTC pools if yields drastically shift between them.

Additionally, I believe there may be a next-level wBTC vault in the works– which will be aided by Maker whitelisting Yearn for their BTCUSD oracle, mentioned here.

Closing this thread for now, but feel free to jump on another one or start your own proposal if you have specific ideas.

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