yvSNX v2 Vault <> Curve strategies

Curve launched an ETH/sETH pool today. They have several pools with Synthetic tokens represented in them (sUSD, sEUR, sBTC, etc.).

With the farming opportunities of both SNX and CRV, they make an excellent option for multiple strategies to be written using SNX to mint synth tokens and stake into Curve. With Synthetix unique ability to allow cross-synth swaps with no slippage and a low fee, combined with Curve’s ability to allow large token <> synth swaps at very low slippage and a low fee, this seems like a natural powerhouse asset type for a set of strategies in a new v2 Vault.

Looking for Strategists who want to take one writing these strategies for the proposed yvSNX Vault, and also any other ideas for SNX strategies that work in other ecosystems besides Curve. If you are interested in assisting technical development of these strategies, or have concrete ideas for other strategies, please comment bellow.


Note, this was previously proposed by @mattdw here:


@vasa aka https://twitter.com/vasa_develop Emiliano Bonassi bneiluj banteg and others more are in.
Very cool and inspiring
Excellent team work and
Carry on :ok_hand: Level up yvsnx v2 vaults


I’ll need some guidance here. Interested to work on this :wink:


@mattdw and @vasa, time to get to work sers!

All I want for Christmas is a v2 SNX yVault :christmas_tree: :pray:


What about a simple 50% sBTC 50% iBTC strategy? 0% exposure on BTC and APY 101% as rewards in SNX.

  1. Stake SNX
  2. Mint sUSD
  3. Exchange for sBTC iBTC
  4. Claim
  5. Repeat

haha no pressure guys !

Already on the list of possible strategies :wink:


Also interested in helping make this happen!

i just leave it here

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