Yield Farming vs Staking

Yield Farming

It appears the largest farmers are selling their YFI at market. The “yield farmer” is basically a day trader. Using the precious few (20k) YFI to distribute to day traders seems silly at this point of adoption. Farmers dumping YFI on the market creates a drag on the price. The positive would be that it also gives a wider distribution a chance due to the fact that these large farmers dump on the market.


Staking promotes long term holders. It also takes supply away creating an upward bias to pricing.
20k coins at 10% will give holders 7 years of great yield. This will create demand and bring in long term sound money holders.

As a holder I personally would rather have staking vs farming for the remaining 20k.


Do you mean only staking or staking and providing liquidity? No point in only stake right?