YFI vs YFII a comparison

So I just read an article about how YFII is an eastern spin on what YFI is trying to accomplish. It basically said the people that developed YFI were mostly of western decent and YFII broke off to develop their own governance system with a similar goal in mind in hopes of attracting a more Chinese community. Is this true or just internet propaganda? Both can be true I suppose…

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yfii didnt break off per say but forked yfi. Yes it was mostly an eastern push at first.

east and west narratives just come later because of developers being from those regions which has its pro that it created a widespread audience and a con that it might have created some temporary boundaries. But initial and main reason for fork was YIP-8, also a follow from proposal 0.


So CoinGecko says it is so that’s not true

I’m not sure you’re understanding what fork means.

The creators of $YFFI took the source code of $YFI and modified it and launched their own coin

So it is based on $YFI, but not at all affiliated with it

You could do the same thing if you wanted to. Here is the link to the code: https://github.com/iearn-finance

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Irrelevant for governance forum.