YDao on Xdai to solve issues related to costs and speed

Migrating to the xDai chain would help get rid of expensive fees, improve speed and functionality overall. The setup is seamless and ready to go, it would be a breeze to implement. xDai is currently getting alot of traction because of its perks and projects migrate daily, Gnosis is one example of many. xDai is supported by many core Ethereum developers and this could be both a short, medium and long term solution. Please post feedback below and hopefully we can get xDai developers in here aswell to elaborate on the topic.


Gas is a huge issue right now - it is literal usury and it is killing opportunities for smaller crypto holders, which is a huge bummer since that is supposed to be part of the promise of crypto. So I think this is worth looking into but how battled tested is this? Has it been hacked? Has it been audited? The proposal sounds kind of promotional/sales-y - are you involved with xDai yourself?

It does not matter whether OP is involved with xDai, what matters is the strength of the argument to move there. Firstly, what exactly are you suggesting @SalmonHawks ? Which contracts do you think could be deployed on xDai and what would be the UX flow for users ?

As far as the “battle tested” nature of xDai @avidaardvark, the sidechain has been live for years without incident. It is currently running with a set of validators who are Ethereum ecosystem actors such as Maker, Portis, Gnosis or Nethermind. Gnosis recently announced the implementation of their tools on xDai, the major NFT project Foundation is currently running on it and there has been some level of endorsement from important Ethereum devs.

I’d say it’s pretty legit. It should be acknowledged though that xDai is relatively centralized with a limited set of known validators, even if they are planning to switch to a permissionless consensus model soon. Let’s say that it would probably be a good staging network until optimistic rollups become more widespread, battle-tested, and usable.


I agree to at least exploring the xDAI route!

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xDai does look promising - I agree that our team would benefit exploring this option