Is new BTC vault coming?

I feel like I read something (don’t even remember where already, defi is so hectic) about new BTC based vault?
Is that true and if yes, when we can expect it?
I just need to start moving my BTC if indeed something like this is happening, so please let us know in advance. Thanks!

As soon as we know anything for certain, we’ll announce it– don’t worry.

What you’re probably thinking of is Yearn applying to be whitelisted on the Maker BTCUSD oracle– likely meaning that Yearn is planning a wBTC vault using Maker– but that’s all the info I have for now :slight_smile:.


Yes that was exactly what it was, now I remember.
Which would mean we could expect half the DAI APY, which used to be the best.
(lately not that much, but hoping to return to its former glory)

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