yBTC - why not?

Yearn (and defi in general) is so far concentrating on stablecoins that represent the standard of the traditional FIAT world: USD.

In the crypto world, however, the standard is BTC. With wBTC becoming increasingly popular and renBTC finally offering a trustless, decentralised, KYC-free option, I believe it is time to create yTokens and yVaults based on BTC.

Like that the ecosystem could capture fees and SNX rewards from the sBTC pool on curve for example and prepare for further integrations to come (aave, bancor,…).

In addition seamless integration of native BTC to the platform with renJS would open the floodgates for BTC hodlers into defi.

We should start to prepare early to build this BTC-based pillar, because we want to to capture this liquidity!

EDIT1: I follow the good example of pcb3: I am invested in REN and YFI equally, so would love to see win-win.


Big time fan of Ren protocol and the work they have done on WBTC and now renBTC. As a fast moving protocol Yearn could capture a huge amount of liquidity poised to flow into Defi. I realise the devs are working hard atm, maybe someone can help integrate renJS into v3, the next iteration of Yearn?

After that, it would be trivial to add Dodge using Rens multichain integration. Imagine Yearn and Dodge combo going off! I hope Maker prepares accordingly :slight_smile:

Full transparency, I am a Darknode operator so I do have an interest in the Ren ecosystem but the tech works and could be the critical mass to create a super-massive ‘liquidity black hole’.


super massive. makes sense and I like it! Thanks you guys for having these conversations here. I’m learning so much and it only gets more interesting.

as a follow on, my spare kingdom looks something like this. :slight_smile:

And there’s a super massive component.

Hey @pcb3 could you elaborate regarding Dodge?

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