YBankrupt: Defi Bankruptcy


I’m Uwe, just a dev. I’ve been trying to develop a way to chain the efforts of failed stablecoin projects, or any project theme as a way to hedge risk(or just try to cut losses by making their coins useful again in the case of iron finance) from an investor’s point of view and reward contribution for re-structuring the project or relaunch in a more democratic manner.

At a high level the purpose of this project is to secure patches and innovation for every mistake moving forward from every previously failed project. Kind of following Paul Romer’s emphasis on inventors standing on the shoulders of giants.

For this project i was thinking of creating vaults and generalizing the keeper network to allow for teams/devs/investors to stake w/e their coins are worth to incentivize the re-structure of a project through either an open gitcoin grant or a more on chain manner.

Any thoughts are welcome!


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