Where to get yCRV

I am new to yield farming although not to crypto. I have deposited and staked some sUSD and renBTC to curve and I am earning CRV and SNX. But that CRV I am earning is not yCRV, I don’t think. So where do yCRV come from? I don’t see a way to swap into yCRV on Uniswap, Balancer swap, etc.

I staked some DAI into the DAI yvault which gets me yDAI - when do I get that yDAI? And what is the best thing to do with it?

I have also used ren BTC to create uUSD which I then placed into the Balancer pool. What does everyone think about that opportunity? You earn REN, UMA and BAL.

So far I am not too enthused with yield farming and liquidity mining because the fees are crazy. But it’s only been a few days so I am going to give it a chance and I also like contributing to furthering of crypto and defi even if I don’t make much money. I am not using money I cannot afford to lose.

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put your DAI into y Curve pool

or trade on uniswap, search for yCurve

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Its much cheaper in terms of gas to just buy yCRV straight from uniswap


Also, if you want to get into the yCRV vault– the cheapest way is to zap in your stablecoins or ETH using zapper.fi or (even better for stablecoins) using https://vaults.finance/.


Please read the the docs and faq they are made to explain these issues. Also if you still have questions ask in our telegram channel or discord #support channel.