Price Dyanmics of yCRV and yyCRV

yCRV is IOU token from my investment in Y curve pool in To withdraw my investment from, I have to burn yCRV token.
Say I invested $1000 and received 952.38yCRV (as 1 yCRV = $1.05 ). So after some time when I burn 952.38 yCRV tokens I will receive 952.38*1.05 USD. ?
What derives the price of yCRV?
No, yCRV is not worth $1 and no it is NOT a stablecoin. You can think of yCRV as an index of yield bearing stablecoins (yDAI+yUSDC+yUSDT+yTUSD) that also generates yield (trading fees from the Curve Y pool) as well. Therefore the price of yCRV is always increasing.

According to above link if people starts withdrawing from Curve Y Pool. Will yCRV price in USD starts decreasing? Will my initial investment of $1000 will worth less?


yCrv in the ‘Earn’ tab is a claim on your principle amount deposited, along with yield from trading fees in the LP-Curve Y Pool tokens (stablecoins index). The value of the underlying assets of yCRV will not be affected; whether by deposits or withdrawals, as only changes to the token supply due to minting/burning of yUSD entails.

On the yUSD Vault (aka. yyCrv), happens to be a yVault which implements strategies for a higher risk reward. Those underlying assets - yCrv which are deposited into the yVault will also accrue, according to your share of the yVault.

From what I gathered from recent trade activity in a balancer pool here, those tokens yUSD Vault tokens are currently priced accordingly at a premium.