What to include in DefiPulse TVL

Hey guys! I worked with DefiPulse team to add yearn.finance to their tvl dashboard.

Since Defi Pulse is generally against counting tokens that are used for staking rewards or extra privilege(governance), I have only added yTokens in the TVL and excluded YFI staked in Pool 2, 3, or 4.

As yearn ecosystem grows, we may need to add other tokens to the TVL. This thread is to keep track of that and to discuss what should and should not be counted towards TVL.

Current TVL includes : yDAI, yUSDC, yUSDT, yTUSD


$aUSD and the tokens within ytrade AMM should be eventually be counted as well


What I’ve been using for my own internal calculations
TVL = Balancer (DAI+YFI) + Balancer (yCRV+YFI) + Pool 1 (yCRV only)+ Pool 4 (YFI)

By my calcs its ~$400m


It’s been weeks and DeFi Pulse TVL is still wrong!
Currently Yearn is at $1.09B, it should be top 4, it flipped Curve

Can we put some of treasury towards a dev fixing that?


We need to get that Defi pulse ranking fixed!

EDIT: 1.4B!

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@WrongNebula it’s work in progress. Just turns out to be complex to make easy to maintain.