What metrics should we focus on?

Right now, the project is very opaque with no visibility into where the fees are coming from, what influences them, etc.

And what can’t be tracked, can’t be improved. We should create Dune Analytics dashboard to track the metrics we decide are important. This will allow us to make decisions and optimize parameters that maximize these metrics.

One such metric could be TVL, as mention here https://twitter.com/iearnfinance/status/1285149101223444480

Points of discussion:

  • Which metrics should we track, try to maximize and why?
  • Suggestions on how to maximize them. Or perhaps discuss these in a separate thread?

Do we agree that the end goal is to maximize the value for the token holders?

Or is the current priority trying to get the token into as many hands as possible at the expense of diluting the current holders?

Or perhaps we want to focus on generating as much revenue as possible?

Different metrics would be required for different goals.

Stats are incoming. I’ve submitted contracts for decoding to Dune.


Basic stuff, might give an idea of what is missing:

cc @gonchs


I think the most important metric is fee revenue going to YFI holders. Long term this is THE value. Other things are just leading up to this.

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Does anyone know which event or transactions to derive TVL, daily APY etc (or are there already some dashboard elsewhere)? I haven’t looked into yearn smart contracts yet, but could give a try to create some dashboard similar to what I have been creating for ENS like the followings.