Annualized Revenue?

Hi all. Where can I get numbers for revenue generated by YFI protocol for its token holders?

Ideally a time series. If that is unavailable, how can I calculate revenue paid out so far since inception of $YFI token? I can annualize that. Thanks!

We are in the process of quantifying some revenue figures, including amount paid out to YFI stakholders. There have been two governance contracts so you could query those contracts and annualize yCRV rewards out since inception.

But in the future we aim to have more formal and comprehensive data to share.


I’ve also been interested by this, and have played around with Dune to try and get at an answer. It’s still WIP,

See here for dashboard:

I’m querying YearnGovernance_YFI_evt_RewardAdded and YearnGovernance_YFI_evt_RewardPaid edit: new dashboard combines YearnGovernance and YearnRewards

I’m sure they still paint an incomplete picture, but anyone can fork these to create more complete views.

edit: changed the link to an updated one

2 Likes has estimates on yCRV owned by governance stakers:

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I tried opening the dashboard but was asked for sign-in with password. Is it not public?

Try this link, I’ve made a new one and since updated it. There are some Dune quirks I’m still figuring out :\


Has anyone made material progress understanding the revenue streams that accrue to YFI? I feel like we’re all working with incomplete information, and no one has a full picture.

Yes, there is a whole #financials channel dedicated to this on the Yearn Talk discord channel. @Bob_The_Buidler has made substantial progress on this which can be found here:

Come join us!

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This is great, thank you.