What are you sad about in the Yearn ecosystem?

Let’s have a depressing discussion :sob: as well. I’ll start:

I’m sad that:

  • We still haven’t launched v2 vaults officially.

  • TVL has steadily been going down.

  • Andre Cronje hasn’t officially taken the paid position of Yearn developer.

  • We haven’t had enough strategists, and we’ve missed many of the big farming opportunities out there, thereby allowing our competitors to get bigger. (hopefully, this changes because of the new reward split)

What else am I missing?

Do you feel better now? Yearn has a great dev team and community. There is a big future ahead for this protocol, time to focus on that.

Stakers not being rewarded. Sorry for being blunt, it’s not inclusive reward for every one.

There are some people here who don’t understand that minting is strict no no.

refund people who send YFI by mistake to the contract, I did it myself and I see other people happening to them as well, until when will this stop ?

it was with coinbase i click yfi receive and they show me the code i thought it my wallet code but it was the contract.
I hope we create vote to refund that yfi even manually from contract each month or 3 month for people who made mistake like that and scanning code it very hard to know if the QR code is mine or for the contract it can happen to anyone
I hope you take this under consideration and let help each other

I personally like every single part about this company.

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