Tendies in Yearn ecosystem (maybe or not)?


Tenders. dev is a deflationary meme coin, launched in late July. It got a bit of attention on launch due to its deflationary mechanisms and “dividend” payouts.

ND enjoying consistent buy pressure alongside the deflationary supply burns.

Secondly, TEND was in the middle of launching their farming pools and a new governance token for the TEND ecosystem–Good Boy Points (GBP). As we all know, farming provides a token to individuals who first add liquidity to both sides of the Uniswap pool and then stake it on a platform to earn an additional token (in this case, GBPs). What’s that you say? Yes, more reduced sell-side supply.

The final, and perhaps most important, piece of the puzzle behind TEND’s pump to $2.75 was the launch of Kimchi. finance. Kimchi was yet another food-themed high-yield farming token, but with two striking distinctions:

  1. The MINT function was TIME LOCKED, so (at least until the timelock ran out) it was impossible for the dev team to MINT infinite tokens and exit scam that way — which is how every other farming copycat project had exited scammed previously.
  2. Double rewards for a KIM/TEND pool. This incentivized unaffiliated farmers and fans of Kimchi itself to purchase TEND to farm at a higher rate.

Now let’s be real. Do we need a new version of Uniswap, even if it’s slightly improved? Probably not. But in a market where the narrative is all that matters, does that mean the combination of “Partnership with MEME devs” and “REVENUE SOURCE TO TEND HOLDERS” isn’t hype as fuck? Yes, yes, it is hype as fuck. Especially given TEND has a $3,000,000 market cap, and UNI’s market cap is $600,000,000 (20000% TEND’s). Is TEND going to be a Uniswap killer? Of course not. But does that 20000% gap create a bullish af narrative for TEND? Yes, yes, it does.

Also, note that this isn’t just an ERC20 Uniswap remake, but the deal is likewise for a Binance Smart Chain version as well — capitalizing once again on those low fees and the $100,000,000 developer fund.

For : let think about it
Against: Nay don’t add

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