Staked YFi Gov Rewards: Leave them? OR Claim and move to yCRV Vault for 85% ROI?

Is it better to leave your Rewards where they are (unClaimed) along with your Governance Staked YFi?

Or is it more profitable to claim them immediately as you earn them and move into yCRV Vault for 85% ROI?

Wondering if anyone knows the answer to this – I’m thinking perhaps unclaimed Rewards are already in the Vault somehow, so this may be taken care of by Andre in the background – so I don’t have to keep moving the yCRV.

Anyone know?

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Depends on a few things:

  • How much YFI you have staked
  • Current gas price
  • How long you plan on depositing in the yCRV vault

If you staked a lot of YFI where the gas for claiming+depositing into yCRV vault is less than the profit you’ll get from depositing into yCRV vault for the amount of time you planned, go for it.


Ah … okay then, this is basically a good idea then … just have to watch our for GAS fees and ‘early withdrawal’ of yCRV biting me.

It would be nice if the rewards were actually paid in yUSD though. Good point.


Could somebody point me in the direction of some information on governance rewards? I’d like to know more about the rates of return in order to make a decision about staking or not.

Just move them automatically into yUSD. Maybe make a poll for this?

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