StableCredit: obvious next step?

Credit seems to be the obvious next step after Vault optimization. Do you believe StableCredit is the optimal approach?

For those not familiar with the solution, here’s an ELI5 thread on this


One thing I never figured out about SC was: if when an asset is used to mint scUSD twice, one at 1:1 for Uniswap pool and the other at 75% and returned to user, how can scUSD still be worth $1?

The twitter explanation spurred my interest but for me it´s too superficial to understand it completely. Has anyone a more technical source of information? Would like to dive into it.

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Yes!! Looking at the trajectory that yearn has been taking so far. We need to build something that can put much larger pools of capital to work. Stable Credit seems to fit that bill!! Curious to hear other inputs.

Andre did a decent explainer on this podcast:


Good question. Eventually this will catch up with crypto. This wasn’t supposed to be about taking a dollar and depositing it into 10 different banks as a dollar, and earning interest as a dollar. If you notice, Nexo will not allow you to deposit yusd or any product already staked at another entity.