Recurring Grants via yGift

Hello frens,

We just sent out the October recurring grants, sorry for the delay. One-time grants are in progress.

This round of grants is the first to use our new yGift system which embodies each grant as a collectible NFT. We will be using yGift more and more, and hope to eventually get them to every yearn contributor, so stay tuned.

Adding Your Messages & Tips

yGifts have a tipping feature for available to anyone that wants to show their gratitude to our team. Let’s say you loved the incredible memes @WrongNebula has been making for our mergers, go to their yGift and click on tip in the upper right hand corner. There you can send them a message of thanks and/or a financial gift in whatever token the yGift was minted with (all recurring grants are in yUSD).

You can do this for anyone with a yGift :slight_smile:

List of yGifts for Recurring Grant Recipients

Artwork credits:
illustrations: Zemm_NFT
graphics: bigba_daboom

Ops Team





Protocol & Development Team





Design Team


Comms Team




Thank Yous

We also took the opportunity to send out a few thank yous.

@andre.cronje (tip is in YFI)

@FutureFund (tip is in YFI)

Docs Team (Image credit ssSuttonSss)

New Recurring Grants Added in December




Congratz everyone who got a grant! BTW, those artworks are SICK


those guys are amazing !


Amazing from idea to execution - especially the artists Zemm_NFT and bigba_daboom!

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I particularly like the giant squid. I’m a DnD Dm, so it rings a bell to me.


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