October and November Community Grants

As promised, below is a list of recipients of one-time grants for October and November. For a list of all recurring grants, see this post. As with recurring grants, these were sent out via yGift.

Adding Your Messages & Tips

yGifts have a tipping feature for available to anyone that wants to show their gratitude to our team. For instance, if @Ceazor’s videos were crucial to helping you understand all of the intricacies of Yearn’s yVaults, go to their yGift and click on tip in the upper right hand corner. There you can send them a message of thanks and/or a financial gift in whatever token the yGift was minted with (all community grants are in yUSD).

You can do this for anyone with a yGift :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 10.25.31 AM

Community Grant Recipients

All yGifts for one-time recipients contained this yAmazing video from bigba_daboom:

Recipient Contributions Grant Link
@bigba_daboom Graphics work and videos 1000 https://ygift.to/gift/65
@Wot_Is_Goin_On Copywriting 1000 https://ygift.to/gift/66
@dudesahn Forum, comms 3000 https://ygift.to/gift/67
Motion Factory Promotional videos 4000 https://ygift.to/gift/68
@defichica Illustrations 400 https://ygift.to/gift/69
@vany365 Discord master 1000 https://ygift.to/gift/70
@Ceazor Educational videos 1000 https://ygift.to/gift/71
@Bob_The_Buidler Financial wizardry 2000 https://ygift.to/gift/72
@nomad Newsletters 1000 https://ygift.to/gift/73
@cryptouf French ambassador 1000 https://ygift.to/gift/74
Jigsaw YFI Daily Pulse 2000 https://ygift.to/gift/79

Thank you to all the grant recipients! These grants are not just rewards for the work these folks have done but also investments in them and the broader community to keep contributing in the future. These are gifts, the kind of gift that Yearn is founded on—from the protocol to the community that supports it.


Thanks a lot for the support. Really like my tittle !


Thanks again.

If any of the front end consistently find themselves answering the same questions, questions that might be easily understood visually, feel free to suggest topics to me. I am always looking for topics.

Also, as my understanding grows, I tend to take for granted what I didn’t understand not to long ago.

Providing value to each other is at the heart of yearn, and crypto in general.

Oh. And tips are nice for sardines.


Your French ambassador to serve you ! :rofl:


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