Announcement: Yearn is Growing & Grants Recipients


After YIP-41, the multisig was granted supreme authority to rule yearn with an iron . . . wait, nope, actually they were empowered to hire some talent and give out some dough to this amazing community.

This post is to give you an update on how that’s been going.

The Yearn Team Is Growing:





Academic “Public Good”





@devops199fan as “I can help with anything even if you don’t pay me”.

These fine folk have been working non-stop, juggling a million things, and making magic. It’s an honor to work amongst them.

But we do not do it alone. Yearn has the best community yet discovered by science—and something that’s crystal clear is that a big part of our job is to support this community in doing even more. People are getting mad on discord because sometimes they have to wait in order to work for yearn for free. This . . . is amazing. Never seen something like this. We have a lot to do to understand this and develop even more ways to support and engage this energy. And by we, I mean you. (And us).

And while it will take time and experimentation to harness our full collective intelligence and strength, one way we can fuel those muscles right away is to give out grants.

Here is the first round of community grants!! (Paid in yUSD :+1: )

Community Grant Recipients:

Substreight — financial big brain — 3,000
Graham — dev, feel-the-yearn — 3,000
x48 — dev, — 3,000
devops199fan — dev, jack of all trades — 3,000
iTo — UX and Product Research — 1,000
Definn — infographics guru — 1,000
Gum / Buddyart — meme design savant — 1,000
Freezer — legendary web designer — 1,000 (donated to the Internet Archive via request)
Dennison Bertram — dev, gov subgraph — 500
CL — content creator, waifu pics — 300
FugginNoob — admin, social channel — 200
Lux — admin help at start — 100

Round of applause please!!!

The funds are coming out of the treasury, which is controlled by the multisig. You can verify these transaction and monitor the treasury at your leisure: 0xfeb4acf3df3cdea7399794d0869ef76a6efaff52.

These grants are just the start, and they are only one of many ways we will be able to support each other in building yearn further. I would like to ask you each to start gift lists. Who is killing it? Who needs our support? Every one of us sees someone doing amazing things for this community. Let’s give grants and let’s invent even better ways to reward each other and thrive together.

So, thank you all. Keep it up. It only gets better. FEW.





Congratulations to the winners and thank you !!


Congrats to all :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would like to propose myself as a grant/gift recipient. In the past few weeks, I have produced high quality yEarn content including vault strategies and YouTube tutorials. I promoted them on social media, been active on the yEarn Telegram and Discord and answered countless questions about yEarn.

The type of content I produce is imperative as new people get involved in DeFi in general and yEarn specifically. As time goes on, the number of vault strategies will grow and become increasingly complex. Someone needs to breakdown the strategies for the average investor.

Thank you to the people who are constantly working hard to make this project great.

Youtube Videos - over 5k views collectively

yVault Strategies

Wen Tokyo?


These 3 videos help but I feel like there would have be some type of agreement to keep producing them constantly as the platform evolves rapidly.

Also your twitter handle would have to consistent with yearns goals and not be pumping or discussing other tokens or services at the same time as it all has to be cohesive.

I think a lot of these grants went to people who have been helping out a long time and without asking for money.


No doubt the people all this list deserve every ounce of credit.

I put a lot of time and effort into yEarn related content and I do not expect to be compensated for that. However, If the community finds it valuable then it would be happy to discuss an agreement.

In any case, I will continue to produce this content because it is valuable and I have received tremendous feedback.


Looks good. Upon first read in the announcement thread I had my criticisms but I think all is well. Thanks everyone


round of applause

I too would like to offer to help with anything even if you don’t pay me.

My background is business and I’m currently focused on helping onboard finance/investment professionals into crypto. I have a newsletter ‘One Minute Block Time’ where I explain crypto concepts in 1 minute length posts, aimed at beginners.

I would be happy to have yearn sponsor my newsletter with a 1-2 line byline for literally any non-negative amount of money.


This is awesome…
I hope this kind of thing continues for many many more years and the community stay solid through the test of time

cheers to this amazing community

Thank you! love you guys!


this is awesome. let’s take YFI to the moon.

Congrats guys!! YFI is turnin into a Juggernaut :slight_smile:


Any update news for new incentives and narrative ?

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