Push Notifications with EPNS

Disclaimer: I realize our current developers have their plates full regarding workload. But I saw a tweet from EPNS today and it got me thinking about how awesome it would be to get a push notification for our Yearn activities.

Here are some notifications that I think would be a great addition for users.

  1. A weekly update that told you
  • How much you’ve earned this week
  • How much you’ve earned since you deposited,
  • What the current strategy allocation for your vaults is
  1. When a new strategy is added to a vault your in
  2. If there is an exploit on any of your vaults, or any of the strategies in your vaults
  3. Depending on how frequently strategy allocations change perhaps an update when the allocations change.

I’m sure there are a lot more things that would be nice to have notification wise, and I know that the EPNS is still pretty new, but I think this would be a huge improvement for the users.


I find your idea very good. It would ensure the maximum of transparency and boost for more conscious envolvment

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I like this idea and would support it. Seems like it’s currently running on Ropsten and set for mainnet end of the year?


Thanks @Dark!

That’s my understanding now.

If anyone wants to try it out here’s the link https://app.epns.io/

It doesn’t have walletconnect yet which is a bummer. But hopefully it will soon

They are launching their token in a few days and mainet should follow very soon.

EPSN is an amazing project and I’m sure they will be happy to collaborate with us . I’m in contact with Richa (co-founder) , so i can tell her we are potentially interested to do something.

ps: they already started very nice collabs (Uniswaps, Mask, Unstoppable Domains …)


That’s great! Can you let them know we want walletconnect integration too?

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