Proposal: Lowering minimum BPT staked requirements in Governance pool to qualify for governance rewards

Lowering it to 300BPT so small holders can participate in governance and get rewarded, this is good for long term viability of the protocol.

FOR: Agree to lower it to 300BPT

Against: Keep it to 1000BPT



Agree. Smaller holders are already limited in a sense that they would earn smaller rewards, proportionally with their holdings. I strongly disagree with them being additionally damaged by being excluded.

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Making sure we are on the same page, you can participate in governance now:

  • To make a proposal you need to have more than 1 BPT.
  • To vote your balance should be above 0 BPT.

Are you interested specifically in staking part (represented by this contract:


Sure. But what we are essentially doing is asking big holders from pool #3 to give away their alpha to the small guy :slight_smile:

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I see, title and description are a bit detached and it is not clear which part implies which.

Should the proposal explicitly read:

Lower governance stake amount from 1000 BPT to 300 BPT and allow smaller holders to earn governance pool rewards.

For: Lower stake to 300 BPT
Against : Keep stake at 1000 BPT



Good for decentralisation but bad for my bag.


Closed since obsolete.