Is there a minimum BPT stake to vote?

I thought I saw that there was a minimum of 1,000 BPT stake in order to vote. Does this still apply? I can’t seem to find the current requirements. I don’t want to vote for nothing.

Also where can we find the description of the various proposals? The tools seems to refer to twitter, but I cant find them all there?

There is no minimum amount of BPT for voting, however, there is minimum of 1000 BPT if you want to receive rewards.

Source: > Fee Rewards

Most of on-chain “proposals” are user misclicks, dah. Correctly formatted are proposals running under #0, 1, 5 and 8. You can find all of them on forum.


Thanks for the fast reply. Its hard to keep track of all the rewards. I still seem to getting the YFI rewards for that pool? I am trying to figure out exactly which rewards we are not getting.

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Governance staking workflow:

  • Provide yCRV + YFI on Balancer (rewards in BAL)
  • Stake 1000 BPT you got in governance pool (rewards in YFI)
  • Vote
  • Stake you YFI tokens in Fee Rewards section (rewards in yCRV)

This is good overview of what is happening:


Apparently, there is a pool #4:

Yes, there is. That’s what I’ve meant by:

Stake you YFI tokens in Fee Rewards section (rewards in yCRV)


Now I get it, thanks

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