How to vote on a governance proposal

Hey friends, I want to learn how to vote. I am asking because I realized that my YFI stack is big enough to actually make a difference and we are having trouble reaching a quorum. I want to support the community with my voting power. So, how do I do this? I have been in Ethereum since 2014 so I should be able to understand your instructions.

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For now, only the yGov BPT pool is used in counting of votes, so you will need to be staked in the yCrv-YFI Governance pool.
Here a good FAQ for reviewing and check the wiki listed on the thread here:
Is there a minimum BPT stake to vote?

In the meantime, as no new proposals should be started on-chain during this transition period. I recommend to give it a go and have your voice heard on both YIP 12 & YIP 14 are currently still receiving votes.

You can choose to defer voting until YIP 10 (accepted) as it is
being implemented over the next few days time. The choice is entirely yours. See the previous discussion on YIP 10 here:

Hope I have answered your concerns on voting~

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