[Proposal] further business discussion from KlayFi

Dear Yearn community.

I am Max, a founding partner of KlayFi.

KlayFi is a Yield Optimizer that provides the user-oriented Yield Farming experience to KLAYswap users.

In addition to convenient auto-farming, earn maximum yield returns by utilizing the governance and economy of KLAYswap.

We would like to speak to the Yearn community to discuss further.

[About KlayFi]

Within 1 month of its official launch, KlayFi has $130M TVL and is one of the fastest-growing DeFi protocols in the Klaytn ecosystem.

It is also ranked as No. 2 DApp in the Klaytn network on State of The DApps with more than 5,000 daily users. (Overall No.35)


[About KlayFi mechanism]

  • KlayFi is a PancakeBunny forked Yield Optimizer. Plus, it is utilizing vKSP(Like CRV Vaults using veCRV).
  • KlayFi’s token economy: Fee Structure - KlayFi
    : Now we are researching to adopt the yveCRV model to KlayFi.
  • KlayFi users pay 50% of the performance fee when they claim reward. ⅗ of the performance fee is to get vKSP. By doing it, KlayFi is accumulating vKSP like Yearn’s CRV Vaults are accumulating veCRV.

(note) KLAYswap’s vKSP mechanism.
- In KLAYswap(kind of Uniswap in the Klaytn with 1.6b TVL), Users can get vKSP by staking KSP, the governance token of the KLAYswap. vKSP is similar to veCRV in Curve Finance. KSP farming reward distribution is decided based on vKSP voting ratio to each liquidity pool.

[What we are seeking]

  • Building partnerships with strong DeFi and crypto teams/communities to share each party’s insights, information. Furthermore, we are seeking collaboration opportunities too such as co-marketing.
  • Expecting to develop the token economy of Yearn Finance & KlayFi more in depth. The KlayFi economy is fast changing thanks to the Klaytn network environment(low gas fee, 1 second block time) and different user bases (most are South Korean and South-East Asian). So we believe that KlayFi can help develop the token economy by showing various scenarios of the economy.
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Wow. Your project looks great. 130M is quite a big number.

Very cool, we are always looking to connect with other partners and DeFi platforms. As of now, our yVaults are only on ETH mainnet, but we can definitely talk further about a partnership. Fill out our partnership form here Become a Yearn Partner and we will be in touch. Also feel free to send me a dm as well for more info about our partnership program.

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Glad to hear it!
We will fill the form.

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