No YFI reward at the moment indicates “======== YFI REWARDS ======== (Temporarily paused until further emission model is voted by the community)”. When will we see YFI rewards again? farming in this pool

This reward pool is depleted. Consult this dashboard:

I have staked FYI/DAI pool. What should I do next admin?

@banteg Do you know if the same pool will reward additional YFI if inflation is greenlighted and when can we expect this to start (which proposal is considered the definitive one? how long for the code change to be pushed?).

I see a minority of people are living the pool but not much really, while our stake is not at work. What are the rationals for staying in the pool?

There will be a vote on the forum to choose the inflation proposal, then there will be an on-chain vote. If it passes, the winning proposal will need to be codified, deployed and hopefully audited. I’d give it at least a week or more, so there might be no inflation in the coming week or two, unless Andre invents something new.