Missing neutral vote

RIght now you can either vote for or against, but if you disagree or agree equally with both outcomes, there should be a way to still cast your vote, but either in a neutral way or to both outcomes.
Like this, all voters get the chance to vote without having to choose between only the democrats and republicans.


Idea behind voting is to choose if specific update should be implemented.

If you are not happy with for option, vote against, wait for voting to conclude and make a proposal that you think is better.

I do like the neutral approach as it add to the quorum and it gives an additional signal in regards to the communities position.

The data generated with for or against is very limited, this will generate 33% more data and will increase the quorum, like iTo is suggesting.
I do understand your point, but in some of the proposals, the against actually has a meaning which could be manipulating if you really need to make a choice, and, is not necessary the opposite of the for option.

Example, please? If you are talking about proposal 0 and 1, they were indeed ill-formed.