Issues with WalletConnect on

I have an issue and have seen many people reporting it. basically, only metamask works in other options flash the screen and then turn white.
Are the web3 connectors up to date?
I have seen it in 4 browsers (Brave, chrome, edge, Opera), tried clearing cookies, using incognito modes, removing adblock (chrome) and in different computers.

Some recent messages from users @ Discord


Same over here, WalletConnect worked just once like two days ago! Before and after I’m unsuccessful.
I also tried hard refreshing with many browsers and other creative ways to get it work lol but nothing.

Opera Touch browser (web3 and dApps reasy) does not work as well.

Most annoying part is when one have limited access to computers he cannot votes… I think it is a big issue… (I missed YIP30 and currently unable to access YIP32,33)


I’ve pushed this one further and it should be fixed now.

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