Can I get some security primers of Keeper Network?

Hey, I’m so excited to build something on this highly efficient and flexible decentralized middleware! And I have some questions.

The security model is…?

On the security assumption of Keeper Network, it’s something like PoS governance and disputation would be certainly criticial mechanism, but I feel documentation is rarely seen. If I can access much more docs, it’s my pleasure. And I’m willing to write some.

My assumption

This decentralized disputation can be seen on Aragon Court. They are doing a three-tiered judicial system with bonded judges. That has a limitation and a gaming vector regarding the financial size of the disputation - too large vulnerability would be exploited and judges are to be bribed. This limitation would be worth noting in the security assumption section of the Keeper Network.

End notes

Those are just my very limited point of view. I’m so appreciated if someone helps me to correct myself, and please don’t hesitate to hit me up!

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