Understanding potentially + scope?

I’m an absolute novice but hopefully someone could set me on the right track. I’m finding the prospects brought forth by the KP3R idea fascinating. My understanding is that Keep3r will allow any solidarity based Dapp to become closer to being truely autonomous from centralised control by allowing decentralised governance systems to outsource maintenance to a decentralised marketplace where keepers will accept jobs. Which makes it the veritable linchpin if the aim is for independence from a singular point of control I guess. Is this a fair understanding? I guess it also adds a potential new form of security to decentralised governance system by not routing tasks to the same singular actor. Which could help insulate from both internal and external “bad actors”. What is the potential scope for this system. Any targets? Apologies my limited understanding probably makes this question an annoyingly basic one. Just trying to establish a clearer overview. Thanks Is. :pray: