Call to Action: We NEED better recognition

Have been working across many DAO communities for some time. Was actively involved with the Yearn community in early 2020. Since then I have seen DeFi evolve and the emergence of many native organization across the ecosystem.

Yet, despite the evolution of our product offerings, evolving tokenomics, and unique yield-optimizing strategies, we are still faced with issues of process/onboarding. I wanted to know what the community thinks, do we feel it is easy to truly get involved on a project? Are new users given the proper railroads to go from being a discord member to a competent user to a bounty hunter/part-time contributor? Yearn operates as a flat-organization, which is great as everyone is seen as equals, all ideas are respected, and knowledge is distributed across the team. However, are people being given proper recognition for their work?

What are some ways we can do this? We need to ensure the best contributors remain here at home, and do not move onto new projects because of lack of direction, lack of clarity, and slow/long time frames between ideation and execution. I do not want Yearn to be forgotten as the “Boomer DeFi protocol” but remembered as the DAO that innovates its product, community, and processes. We need to capture a role and show the growth of an individual, and the DAO itself.

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