Beating Competitors

These guys are going to try to take our lunch. I know we like being nice to Curve, Aave, and all the other protocols that make our product possible, but these guys are head on. Is there anyway we can yield farm and dump their token, or do something savage that ensures we continue to dominate the yield optimization sector of DeFi?

We don’t need to directly compete with any specific protocol. The focus should be on exploring additional revenue streams and keep expanding our product line into new areas that should take care of any competition. Yearn helped put yield farming on the map…our focus should be on creating the next big groundbreaking product. I’m really excited for the audit academy proposal. That would be one of those new groundbreaking areas. This space will eventually be large enough for many big players imho.


Agree. StableCredit is one such product that Andre has discussed recently.

In the meantime, let’s work to get over $10MM UNI tokens delegated via so that Andre can help amplify our voices in UNI Governance.


You guys are right. Competition was inevitable anyway