Andre vs Curve Team

So, Andre is basically attacking Curve team for locking up 80% of voting power,

while at the same time Curve implies that Andre tried to 51% attack the DAO through Yearn.

What’s your opinion about this shitshow?

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Good we need to get the most out of our locked CRV tokens and give our users that are staking yCrv more rewards.

But I think that Curve just proved to be centralized is a bad thing.


No idea what the curve team are thinking, they seem to be making it up as they go along. Really bad optics for them and kudos to Andre for shining a light on this

Just a small cavea here, curve team locked their CRV for 4 years because they believe in the project. Their lock is = to 4% of the total CRV in circulation. From my point of view they are just using their CRV like it should, for governance. If you believe in the curve protocol, lock your CRV and vote if not then why are you using the protocol ? Just trying to understand the thinking here.

Finally, Andre wrote this :
So dyor please :wink:


How is this an attack? He is making people more aware.


They use their CRV in order for the governance to remain in their favor. Otherwise they are protecting the DAO from whom? Moreover, why do they define themselves as the one that must save the DAO? In the end that’s what decentralization is all about. If the DAO was going to undergo a 51% attack by yearn, then they didn’t design it in a bulletproof way from the beginning.
In what Andre wrote, I also find that 150.000.000 CRV are needed to decrease founder’s power to 50%, which with current prices yields 400m$.

Only 1.33m veCRV locked up. 622k from founder. Don’t need to make that big of a deal of it. I think you might find that a lot more is going to get locked up.

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There is no “vs”.

He just reveal it and reminding the crv team i think.

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