sBTC Vault and Vote Locking Rewards Boost?

With the sBTC vault live now, and the the yVault due to receive a new strategy on August 31 that takes advantage of the Curve Vote Locking 2.5x rewards boost, will the sBTC vault also be receiving this boost?

According to the Curve documentation (below), the voting power applies to all pool gauges:

Your voting power applies to all gauges but may produce different boosts based on how much liquidity you are providing and how much total liquidity the pool has.

I would assume this means specific to a single address. I am also assuming the sBTC and y Vaults have different addresses. So, it is not clear to me if the sBTC vault will automatically receive the boost that is planned with the new yVault strategy, or if more voting power will need to be locked on Curve for the sBTC vault to also receive the boost.

Anyone familiar with the details?

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Indeed. As long as the sBTC LP tokens are held in the same ETH address as the yCRV LP tokens, then yes, the boost will be applied to all pool gauges.

Whether that is the case in the current set up, remains unclear to me too.

@Deepcryptodive Thanks, glad I’m not the only one :slight_smile: It sounds like we should find out soon. I believe that the second Curve DAO vote to finally allow boosts will end tomorrow.

I have been looking for this information as well. Who would be able to share this information?

Currently, the gauge weight is applied to all three vault Curve pools– BUSD, Y, and sBTC.

I remember @banteg (I think) saying the weights would be 2.5x, ~2.1x, and 2.5x, respectively for these pools based on our boost.

Thanks, good to now. Of course, nothing is applied yet, but look forward to it being applied, and hopefully those weights hold up. As more people lock, the veCRV needed increases over time.