ySwap and other swap mechanisms

I read YFI documents today and found out that YFI community is developing ySwap (a one sided LP system). I did not go to details yet. But I think you mentioned to use ChainLINK as an oracle. This is very good idea and very good system. On the other hand, for some new tokens who may want to use ySwap (e.g., ICO), the price may not be available on ChainLINK. I have developed a similar system with more mathematical analysis. I called it ICO swap (see here: http://coinswapapp.io/#/ico ). If you guys have interest, I will be happy to integrate that kind of techniques into your ySwap.

Furthermore, the techniques that I have developed is to avoid flippage etc… will also be happy to collaborate with this community to deploy the techniques if necessary. This may be useful to defeat the recent attacks as follows (this is included in the new version of my paper, but not be public yet).

The document and codes are available here: coinswapapp (CoinSwap) · GitHub
Yongge Wang

Thank you for sharing this oracle, if we decided to use or explore it further we will reach out.

Thanks… this is not oracle indeed. It is a different AMM model than the constant product. I am proposing that you may think about non-constant-product model. For that model, you will need no oracle…

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