YIP-44: Improve YIP categories


proposed YIP.md here

Add new status(s) to YIPs so that author(s) may better manage their YIPs in the context of community collaboration and so that governance is given the proper procedures to foster community cooperation.


This will only add to the current state of proposal YIPs in that it only changes the status of a YIP. It does not add any protocol changes: only documentation and governance procedures (off chain only).

I proposal the following changes to reflect a new state of possible ‘YIPs’:

  1. Modifying YIP Templates
  2. Modifying YIP Validator Gemfile
  3. Modifying YIP README file


The current state of procedures for YIPS is inadequate as it unnecessarily limits the possible outcomes of a proposed YIP while not affording both the author(s) nor the governance council flexibility in being able to deal with community driven YIPs

This is a documentation and procedure change. In fact there is no explicit description for proposing such changes in governance (that I could find).

This change is needed as it better explains the intent of the YIP format to author(s). It also provides for governance additional functionality in their procedures so as to not potentially ‘alienate’ author(s) by rejecting a YIP when it could have been withdrawn. This ensures that also the author(s) are active in the process of their submitted proposal and in the larger community (in so far as they are knowledgable about other potentially competing YIPS.)


Proposed - a YIP that is ready to be reviewed in a governance call.
Approved - a YIP that has been accepted for implementation by the yEarn community.
Implemented - a YIP that has been released to mainnet.
Rejected - a YIP that has been rejected.
Withdrawn - a YIP that has been withdrawn by the author(s).
Deferred - a YIP that governance has decided to wait for another YIP/some other change that should be bundled with it together
Moribund - a YIP that was once Implemeneted. It is now Obsolete ‘AND’ requires no explicit replacement.

The “Withdrawn” status is similar - it means that the YIP author has decided that the YIP is actually a ‘bad’ idea, or has accepted that a competing proposal is a better alternative.

Workflow Specification

Proposed -> Approved -> Implemented
  ^                     |
  +----> Rejected       +----> Moribund
  +----> Withdrawn





Can someone add a poll with the new signing system?

On-chain voting is live on https://ygov.finance/vote


Proposal has failed to reach quorum with 99.85% for, 0.14% against and 17.5% quorum.


Proposal has been resubmitted as YIP-44.


I want to vote but I don’t want to pay $25 to do so. Didn’t we have a vote site that you only had to sign with? (no tx fees)


We do at https://vote.yearn.finance/ but this is only for signaling currently, the formal YIP vote still happens on-chain. We need to figure out a longer term solution to this (most likely liquid democracy/vote delegation like COMP or L2 voting).


The financial sting from voting during periods of high fees may be mitigated somewhat if it were possible to vote on multiple proposals with a single transaction. Would that be technically feasible?


Super agree with @MFP above

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There should be an addition to this for Informative YIPs, i.e. YIPs that do not change protocol standards or at least a GNYIP or a ’ Gnip Not YIP’ that represents conventions that are accepted by the community at large