Yield Opportunities: Builder Protocols and Cross Chain Communications

Obviously DeFi is booming but we should also realize that DeFi will boom on other builder protocols(e.g. Cardano, Polkadot, Algorand, etc). Interoperability and cross chain communications will be the next big opportunity for yield realization and I think Yearn.Finance needs to take an aggressive step towards developing a strategy in being a first mover in those other protocols. Maybe this could be a proposal to start R&D in the very near term for this to develop a strategy?


Yes!! Very important area. We should be ready and proactive.


Someone is going to front run this from a marketing perspective. It would be better for Yearn to preempt that.


This is a great idea. We should add Cosmos to that list as they already have some interesting yield opportunities (https://www.kava.io/overview).


I agree. I just listed those that first came to mind. Cross chain will require more work but there is no reason to not start such preparation now.

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This is in the same concept of what Ari Paul just so happened to tweet out about a global market of DeFi: https://twitter.com/AriDavidPaul/status/1296435303486562304?s=20


Had the exact same thought last night.

I see this opportunity as critically important for a few reasons:

  • We are all strong believers in ETH. Going this direction would ensure value accrued would flow back to the Ethereum ecosystem, and ensure the future success of the chain
  • The alternative is some YFI copycat on another chain
  • It positions YFI as a value accrual mechanism across the entirety of blockchain networks, massively increasing the potential market size of YFI.

I would support this even if there was a certain level of centralization involved, seems like an opportunity we wouldn’t want to miss.


I agree 100%. I’d love to start working on this with a few people. If anything from a research and opportunity identification perspective.

I think the goals are:

  • Understanding the opportunity

  • Communicating the strategy forward to build a narrative

  • Identify technical gaps based on cross chain needs

  • Identify possible strategies(technical) that YFI could execute.

Would really like to work with others on this right away.

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Second this, I want to see work with cosmos too! If we needed it i’m sure we could get funds from them to help build too. Maybe we can build a prototype on ethermint as ibc should be out in a few months or less.


I’ve created a Telegram group to start the conversation: Yearn Cross Chain

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