Crypto Assets Trading


Current business model of Yearn is yield optimization. But, the yield of DeFi Platform Will not last. Meaning, if YFI only rely on yield, the profitability of the business will diminish over time.

Trading Crypto asset will be long lasting. Even traditional instrument like stock, bond will be tokenised in the future. Even FTX now support several large US stocks to be traded.

I propose, YFI build trading system that will automatically trade for profit based on parameters applied.

As described above, yield of DeFi Will not last. YFI must have another long lasting business model.

Crypto asset trading will be long lasting. Even it may represent stock, bond, etc.

YFI should consider to develop Trading system that can utilize market opportunity or even arbitrage. In my view, YFI actually is like Blackrock, while Vaults is like Blackrock Fund. The strategis just to manage fund (Vault) to get Profit.


YFI as the DeFi Should have long lasting Business model. It should diversify from relying on yield optimization to trading asset.


I don’t know how to implement the proposal. But, big brain in yearn Ecosystem is believe to have Resources to do so.

YFI team can Develop trading bot that will learn over time to optimize market opportunities. It may be installed in several big market like Binance, FTX and Coinbase, and even conducting arbitrage.




This move is likely to have positive impact on the Users’ Experience and also the profitability.

Personally, I also hope we can attract YFI tokens back with new revenue source.

However, there might be a need to cater in factors such as KYC/AML regulations etc.

illiquidate is one of the revenue stream that the core yearn developers will look into next once yVault v2 and strategies are stable. I agree that eventually yields will dry out. However, with credit delegation plus hedging, we can play house and earn yields from being LP on uniswap for a long time. As long as yearn can provide higher APY than tradefi with the least amount of risks, liquidity will be there.