YFII emission ends in 10 weeks

For those who say YFII has a vibrant community, you need to understand the emission schedule of YFII. The halving schedule happens on a weekly basis, and all the YFII will be distributed after 10 weeks. I very much doubt the project will continue to have a community after the yield farming for YFII is finished.

With only 10 weeks of emission, YFII is clearly not sustainable. They cannot mint more tokens as the admin key is burned.

Edit: include the emission schedule

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Note is YFII delivering any real value. It’s divided the community. Obfuscated the Intent and desires of the original project, damaged the brand by introducing confusion and IS NOT A FORK. If it is a fork, where state my tokens?? It was copied and restarted by someone that is obviously only interested in making a quick buck. Not interested in longevity in the slightest. Who ever this person is should be BANNED from this board or any other YFI forum.

Sorry for the rant, it’s a matter of values and principles and mine just got violated in a big way. This showed absolutely no respect for the community and is no different in my view than what any fork has done. Nay. Worse! Because it’s NOT a fork!!!

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just to be clear, YFII does not stop distributing after 10 weeks. YFII’s distribution halves every week, starting with 1000 YFII distributed to each pool in week 1. This halving process goes on indefinitely.

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This is YIP 8

If YFII is a FORK, then where is my YFII ?
If not, then this is only a copy cat (Copy codes, copy marketing,memes … ) with YIP-8 cover to ambush YFI community.

Doesn’t seem to be that way.

@milkyklim This is not yearn related. Please lock.

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