After we agree on a new emission schedule we should burn the minting keys

Andre’s biggest mistake was not extending YFI’s emission schedule beyond a week for full equitable distribution.

After the community decides on a final emission schedule we need to burn all the keys that can mint YFI in the future.

YFI is Ethereum’s Bitcoin and the supply cap never changing will give it it’s value.


I’m curious to how long people feel is more ‘equitable’ and also how much to value those who initially staked the pool, who took the biggest risk when there was the most uncertainty surrounding the project

If we extend the schedule I think it would be fair to significantly reduce any issuance, and to potentially weight the bulk of the rewards to those staking the governance pool, who are locking in their commitment.

EDIT: Sorry, i think i misunderstood the topic >.< but it’s about burning the keys after finishing emissions? which I also agree with, as locking in the supply cap by destroying the minting keys seems confidence building, as well

I feel like there’s more uncertainty now than it was in the first week.

Btw, I am also in favour of burning the keys.


Bumping this now that we are voting on a schedule

Is the vote up now to burn minting keys?

I think it’s too early in both the protocols and gov community’s life to make a irreversible decision. I would vote against.

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