YFI Solid Theorycrafting

With the new AMM on Fantom coming (https://twitter.com/andrecronjetech/status/1480555590883622913?s=21), there are a few different things to explore and plan.

  1. Yearn is getting an airdrop based on Fantom TVL and will need to decide how to use and distribute that.

  2. There will be unique strategies to plan based on how the new AMM functions and provides rewards based on voting, as well as vote delegation.

  3. There may be additional strategies to discuss in terms of optimizing or farming the airdrop depending on timeline.

Things we know so far:

  • Permissionless with gauges and bribes.
  • Emissions based on fees instead of liquidity.
  • Native support for adding third-party tokens and incentives.
  • ve(3,3) locker gains fees, earnings based on vote and not just lock. Read More
  • Initial distro based on top 20 protocols by TVL on Fantom, measured by DefiLlama.

Telegram chat for the Theorycrafting: Telegram: Join Group Chat


I requested to join the Telegram group but am still waiting acceptance :slight_smile:

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