YFI is eligible for the FIAT DAO Jubilee program

Hi everyone,

I’d like to say hello from the team over at FIAT DAO! We’re building a new protocol that will serve leverage and secondary liquidity to fixed income asset holders across DeFi. While we’re still two months or so out from launching, we will be hosting a four-week long program aimed at attracting users from other projects to our fledgling community. YFI holders are now able to stake in this Proof-of-Capital program, referred to as the FDT Jubilee, and the first epoch begins Monday at 0:00 UTC.

We wanted to target YFI holders because we view this community as one of the best in DeFi when it comes to actually embodying what a DAO can look like and how open source development should be done. Getting more YFI folks in our community would be a boon as we grow, and I think $FIAT could serve as a meaningful foundation for a number of existing vault strategies.

To learn more about our proposed system, please check out our second article (please note, we’ll be a bit mum on the exact workings until the implementation goes to audit): $FIAT, What Is It Good For?. How $FIAT fits into the wider DeFi… | by Maximilian Fiege | FIAT DAO | Oct, 2021 | Medium

To learn more about the Jubilee program and you how you can earn $FDT simply by staking your $MKR, please see here: https://twitter.com/fiatdao/status/1456323172249243651?s=20

Lastly, you can check out the smart contracts we’re utilizing for the Jubilee program in the below response.

This tweet thread includes the relevant smart contract links: https://twitter.com/fiatdao/status/1456323176795938817?s=20

And here’s the associated audit: BarnBridge-YieldFarming/BarnBridge-Yield-Farming-and-Incentivization-AUDIT.pdf at master · BarnBridge/BarnBridge-YieldFarming · GitHub

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