Yearn strategists recruiting

Hi all,

This is an open thread to brainstorm ways to recruit strategists especially based on the upcoming change in payout for strategists.

Some initial thoughts/ideas:

  • Posting in the faculties of great universities (MIT, CalTech, etc.)
  • Hosting a yearn hackathon for strategists
  • Dedicating someone on yearn to attend ETH hackathons and ETH builder events
  • Reaching out to YouTube / Crypto Podcast hosts, doing an interview (e.g Bankless).
  • Creating more how-to videos on becoming a strategist for yearn
  • Using recruiting firms

Feel free to shut down or boost any of the above or recommend your own!

To be honest, I imagine the change in fees should do most of the recruiting for us.

For someone completely new to DeFi or yield farming, there would be a steep learning curve to be a strategist for Yearn

You need to know a fair bit about coding up the strategies themselves (Solidity/Vyper), but you also need to have an intricate understanding of all of the different DeFi platforms available and yield farming in general.

Realistically, I would say if someone is able to be a strategist for Yearn, they are already aware of Yearn, and so we merely need to broadcast to our change in fee structure to those who are already listening.

I think things to increase awareness within the ETH community is a great start. Perhaps we could contact the Bankless guys and whoever paid for the Yearn ad space and ask them to update the ad to include information about v2 yVaults and the strategist fee changes.

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