Why is the performance fee only for subsidized gas?

Do you guys think it might be a good idea to do a 1-5% (I prefer 1-3%) performance fee in general, not just on the subsidized gas? I believe hedge funds bill this way and it would add a lot of value to the governance token. Sorry if it’s been mentioned before already.

“Subsidized gas” in this context means calling the harvest() function which does the claiming and the recycling into the base asset. You can think of 5% as performance fee cause that’s how it works.


Ah, ok. Thanks for the insight! So it is effectively 5% perf fee on all assets.

Would it be prudent for this to be better clarified on the vault page? I see confusion as to what “subsidized gas” means coming up often everywhere.


Yes thank you for clarification. It should be clarified on vault. 5% performance fee on all assets…better for $YFI holders than a 2 and 20 hedge fund…

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