Where is our roadmap?

I’ve looked and asked around but cannot find a roadmap. Does YFI/yearn have one? If not, can we start working towards one? I think people want to understand the big picture so let’s lay it out for them.


Great idea! Would be great see a snapshot of everything thats in the works on a single place…there seems to be a lot of ideas organically forming on the forums…when one of them goes to a proposal stage and passes…then it could be added to a road map? just a thought…

Not in any particular order:

  • New design
    • Consolidate various properties
    • Better UX to onboard next wave of defi users
    • Clearer ROI display
    • Better FAQ
  • New tokenomic
  • Built-in insurance for all yVault
  • Making yUSD (THIS IS YUGE)
  • Hire more developers
  • Incentivize program to bring in more strategies builder