What do you think about Rally using YFI vaults for earning $RLY?

Rally project is only using YFI to distribute it’s token?!


I find it very interested and have been stuck on the idea since they announced it. Imagine how this could redefine funding for protocol and ecosystem development.

Seems like Yearn ecosystem could benefit from setting up a strategy type that could sit on top of a given vault, call it yVenture, use it to fund other projects.

Win win if we can let someone stay long an asset while giving them a shot at the outsized returns of venture investing. From my understanding the stableCredit system could be useful for this application.



Yes stable credit does open up a lot of interesting possibilities…something like the yVenture Vault is inevitable…its just a matter of when.

Totally agree. Seems like we should be supporting more projects through YFI. What would $YFI be at if the next 100 great Ethereum projects built on the yEcosystem?

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I agree that we should encourage innovative protocols to build on Yearn, but the devil is in the details. In other words, the incentive structure is difficult to build if it weren’t we would have done it by now. I am sure that smarter people than myself are working on a way to implement this in a concrete fashion, but at the moment Yearn seems to be in a wait and see holding pattern with so many things under construction. Thus, I think it will have to take a backseat to other more pressing matters.