Weekly Updates, Week Ending November 29th, 2020

For an overview of everything going on in the Yearn Ecosystem, check out this week’s Yearn Finance Weekly Newsletter. Highlights this week include Yearn’s integrations with Pickle, Cream, and Cover, and the launch of yGift.

For more detailed information on Yearn’s governance from the past week, check out @nomad’s Yearn Governance Roundup. This week saw a proposal for unifying governance staking rewards with a YFI Vault utilizing Maker, lots of discussion regarding Pickle and Cream, and YFI up for consideration for Bancor’s liquidity mining program.

For more detailed information about Yearn’s yVaults, check out our newest State of the Vaults. This week the TUSD yVault updated its strategy to correct a previous vulnerability, audits for the v2 Vault framework came back, and production versions of the DAI and WETH v2 yVaults were deployed with a Guest List.

And for daily updates, follow YFI Pulse.


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